Security Consultancy

Threats and risks that the establishments might be under are examined in detail on site by the expert personnel under the Security Consultancy and Risk Analysis service and the necessary applicable security systems and procedures are designed in consideration with risk/loss/cost equilibrium.

Additionally current developments on security, other companies engaged in the sector, insurance topics, confirmation of CV details of the employees and applicants, making investigations on the country where investment will be made are also included at the consultancy services.

Project Management
Depending on the project designed, the electronic, technological and physical safety measures are put into operation by specialized and experienced personnel. Human involvement is a major factor in security therefore if security personnel are included in a project, they will be carefully chosen and trained appropriately. Personnel are the weakest link in security systems.

The establishment, business and installation will constantly be controlled and inspected by technical and administrative personnel. While the periodic maintenance of all electronic and mechanical safety vehicles and equipment are carried out, personnel are given job instruction training to achieve maximum personnel efficiency.

In sabotage, fire, earthquake etc… drills and firm employees are included within the security system. Over a certain period the risk and threat analysis is re-examined and the latest customer demands are determined. The main goal is to maximize customer satisfaction through surveys, interviews, controls and inspections together with the maintenance of the security system.

Additionally, ISS reports on all the following services:

  • Up-to-date developments in security subjects,
  • Commercial/financial investigations on other companies in the sector,
  • Analyses of the countries where making investment is planned,
  • Investigations on insurance matters,
  • Investigations on competition matters,
  • Confirmation of CV details of the employees and applicants,
  • Investigations on abuses in a company,
  • Investigations on lost persons and their wealth and possessions,
  • Services rendered to Embassies and Consulate Generals and Trade Attaches (examination of visa, passport, refuge and refugee etc. applications)

Today professional managers can not trust their instincts and intuitions when making their plans. Correct analysis of the market conditions and competitors is a must. Correct analyses are only possible by obtaining correct data. However obtaining only the required data is not sufficient in today’s world of information. The data must be sorted and analyzed.

ISS finds and evaluates the required information by various legal investigation methods and completes the missing data.


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