Electronic and Physical Security Systems

After the risk analyses conducted, the most appropriate systems (barriers, access systems, closed circuit TV, digital image recording and transfer, heat-smoke-motion-shock detectors, bullet-proof ballistic glasses, etc.) in consideration with the layout of the buildings and facilities are being erected. Maintenance and repair services are rendered 7 days a week 24 hours a day throughout Turkey.

  • Closed Circuit TV Systems; erected for tracking and recording 24 hours a day of entries-exits and all other critical points. Qualified cameras and surveillance systems are being utilized.

  • Digital Image Recording and Transmission System; ensures tracking of camera images by networks and telephone lines of the establishment where closed circuit TV systems are erected. This is used for description of profiles and gathering legal evidences by the Alarm Center.

  • Intrusion Alarm Systems; consists of panic buttons and bait money, glass break, vibration, flood detectors that track incidents such as burglary, attack and sabotage 24 hours a day and transmit them to the Alarm Center.

  • X-Ray, Walk Through and Hand-Held Detectors; are the systems used for checking packages, parcels, mails and persons at control points.

  • Access Control Systems (biometric – card); turnstile, barrier etc. systems used to control, authorize, reporting of personnel, visitor and vehicle entrances and exits within a network or stand alone.

  • Automatic Door Systems; systems integrated with photocell and card operated entrance, used for personnel & vehicle entry and exits.

  • Video Entry Systems; systems with image and diaphones used for entry control purposes.

  • Fire Protection, Detection & Controls and Extinguishing Systems; systems for detection and extinguishing the fires where various types of fire detectors are utilized to reduce fire risk.

  • Emergency Announcement and Broadcasting Systems; are the systems erected to make audio and music broadcasts at indoor and outdoor.

  • Emergency Exit Systems; systems that consist of illuminated plates, push-bar doors etc. for personnel discharge in emergency conditions.

  • Vehicle and Personnel Tracking Systems; systems that ensure tracking of vehicles and personnel of the establishments by the Alarm Center and/or the relevant establishment.

  • Perimeter Security Systems; physical and electronic warning systems erected for prevention of intrusion, attack and rubbery attempts.

  • Network and Cable Installations

  • Bullet-proof Ballistic Glasses

  • Armoring of Any Type of Vehicle

Alarm Center
ISS Alarm Center provides determination and intervention against the unpermitted entry, rubbery, fire, flood, sabotage etc. incidents by electronic tracking and that renders services 7 days a week 24 hours a day. Alarm Center can also maintain contemporary services such as image transfer, vehicle and personnel tracking in accordance with the formats required by law. It conforms to the security concept standards generally adopted by European Union.

ISS ensures to determine;

  • The district the alarm came from
  • The correctness of the alarm,
  • The nature of the alarm
  • burglary
  • attack
  • sabotage
  • fire
  • flood
  • gas leak
  • probable device breakdowns and electricity cuts,

and renders related services 7 days a week 24 hours a day.

Unnecessary waste of time and energy is prevented with the aid of digital image transfer utilized at the Alarm Center. The Center is established to maintain contemporary services such as radio, vehicle and personnel tracking systems.

ISS Alarm Center - if required- can be tuned to support all types of alarm panels operating on international standards.


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