Total security systems and solutions based on concept

Security is becoming the most important factor in a globalizing environment. As the threats become more global and their extent grow larger, together with local security requirement the need for a superior and encompassing security that can offer deterrence against attacks on a global scale becomes necessary.

As ISS, we based our security concept on deterrence. This concept prioritizes keeping loss of life and loss of property to a minimum in a possible burglary, arson, sabotage, flooding, fire, earthquake and terror attack.

Recent events that occurred in our world have shown that instead of having an everyday, simple and temporary solution, the need for a security system based on a “concept” that employs the latest technology against threats from attacks, sabotage, burglary, fires, natural disasters etc. and integrates different security applications, is becoming ever more apparent.

ISS is a security systems designer and implementer that constantly updates itself under frequently changing threats, risks and developing technology. Scientific and systematic methods outlined by the “Basic Security Concept” and the sub-concepts below are utilized to carry out risk and threat analysis and offer the most suitable customer requirement and cost effective solution.

Security is now a way of life and a deterrence based security system could minimize your loss, prevent the attack from ever happening. Therefore A good security plan must be based on deterrence before anything else. Deterrence: forcing the aggressor to hesitate during the planning phase of the attack, make him question reaching his target. So deterrence must play a leading role before attack and must make the aggressor hesitate or change his target.
Corporations’ and institutions’ most important characteristic is that they inspire confidence. However confidence can only exist in an environment of security. An insecure environment could lead to monetary loss and physical or psychological damage.
With a thorough security understanding and effective measures, a lot of incidents can be prevented or events leading to the attacks could be successfully controlled.
All of the security precautions must be practical and must combine with a practical security organization.
Commencing with this vision, we have adopted concepts based on deterrence. These concept prioritizes loss of life and property in possible, terror attacks, burglary, arson, sabotage, floods, fires and earthquakes.
We do prepare “concepts” about subjects below:

Financial institutions and bank security solutions
Home and residence security solutions
Facility, firm and enterprise security solutions
Strategic installation and corporation security solutions (dam, power station, industrial facility, airports and seaports, customs, hospitals, railways, Metro etc.)
VIP security solutions
Schools and educational institutions security solutions,
Stadiums and sports center security solutions

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