Training Services

ISS trainer staff consists of specialized and experienced personnel in the scope of security who are positioned at Special Operation Units of the Turkish Armed Forces and other government security units. Special basic training on security is given to the applicants who will be positioned as security personnel before employment. Training works that are repeated and updated periodically during employment are carried out in accordance with annual training activity planning and Turkish Standards Institute requirements.

During the education and training stage a program covering 35 different scopes such as;

  • Related legislations,
  • General security education covering personal-physical-electronic security,
  • Banks and financial corporations security
  • Security of schools and children
  • Rails and Metro Security
  • Description of attention-perception-particulars,
  • Informing and warning,
  • Searching,
  • Communications,
  • Fire and earthquake security,
  • First-aid
  • Community psychology,
  • Public relations,
  • Explosives,
  • Sabotage and terrorism,
  • Shooting practices and mechanics

are practiced.

Subjects included at the training program can also be re-arranged to suit the specific requirements of an establishment.


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